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Advice on Gaelic Education/ Comhairle mu Fhoghlam Gàidhlig

What is this?

​​This Advice provides important information on the national context, and describes best practice to support practitioners and education authorities in evaluating and planning for improvement in Gaelic Education. It is based on evidence from inspections, reviews and validated self-evaluation, covering all sectors of Gaelic Education; and other engagements with a wide range of stakeholders.

Who is this for?

​These materials will be of particular interest to practitioners in Gaelic Education, school leaders, education authorities.


How to use this self-evaluation resource to improve practice?

The PowerPoint presentations identify key messages from the Advice on Gaelic Education. They should be used by practitioners to support improvement in Gaelic Education.

Here are some reflective questions to support professional dialogue and help focus on self-evaluation in Gaelic:

  • To what extent are senior leaders and staff critically engaging with the Advice on Gaelic Education and scrutiny findings to improve their outcomes for children and young people?
  • How do we ensure that improving provision for Gaelic is central to self-evaluation activity and part of impactful strategic planning for improvement?
  • What are our approaches to raising attainment and closing the poverty-related attainment gap across all areas of the curriculum?
  • How do we use our understanding of the social, economic and cultural context of the school to inform and shape planning for improvement?
  • In what ways do we gather and take account of a range of evidence on the quality of immersion we provide?
  • What actions are we taking to ensure learning and teaching is of a consistently high quality?
  • How effective is our use of digital technologies to enhance learning, deliver the curriculum and develop skills for learning, life and work?
  • What does equality and equity look like for the children and young people in Gaelic Medium Education from Early Learning and Childcare setting, school or community?
  • The General Teaching Council for Scotland’s Professional Standards apply in English Medium Education and Gaelic Medium Education, with four bespoke references to Gaelic across standards. How will you embed their use in your setting?


English version

PDF file: Advice on Gaelic Education (February 2015) (716 KB)

You can also access the Advice on Gaelic Education publication in sections.

PDF file: 1. Introduction (137 KB)

PDF file: 2. Legislation (135 KB)

PDF file: 3. Policy (183 KB)

PDF file: 4. Gaelic Medium Education (207 KB)

PDF file: 5. Engagement with parents (138 KB)

PDF file: 6. Career-long professional learning (CLPL) (153 KB)

PDF file: 7. Total immersion (208 KB)

PDF file: 8. The immersion phase (immersion in the Broad General Education from end of P3/beginning of P4 onwards) (139 KB)

PDF file: 9. Secondary stages (230 KB)

PDF file: 10. Improving fluency with a planned programme for language, grammar and vocabulary (190 KB)

PDF file: 11. Transitions (80 KB)

PDF file: 12. A 1+2 Approach to Language Learning (138 KB)

PDF file: 13. Ethos for Gaelic (191 KB)

PDF file: 14. Learners with additional needs (142 KB)

PDF file: 15. Gaelic Learner Education (141 KB)

PDF file: 16. Gaelic Learner Education: Curriculum 3-18 and Language Learning in Scotland: A 1 + 2 Approach - Updated January 2018 (211 KB)

PDF file: 17. Learning about Gaelic language and culture (142 KB)

Gaelic version

PDF file: Advice on Gaelic Education (February 2015) - Gaelic version (677 KB)

You can also access the Gaelic version of the Advice on Gaelic Education publication in sections.

PDF file: 1. Ro-ràdh (175 KB)

PDF file: 2. Reachdas (185 KB)

PDF file: 3. Poileasaidh (182 KB)

PDF file: 4. Foghlam tro Mheadhan na Gàidhlig (254 KB)

PDF file: 5. Ag obair còmhla ri pàrantan (137 KB)

PDF file: 6. Ionnsachadh proifeiseanta fad dhreuchd (CLPL) (240 KB)

PDF file: 7. làn-bhogadh (257 KB)

PDF file: 8. An ìre-bogaidh (bogadh san Fhoghlam Fharsaing Choitcheann bho deireadh P3/toiseach P4 suas) (189 KB)

PDF file: 9. ìrean àrd-sgoile (238 KB)

PDF file: 10. a’ leasachadh fileantachd le prògram air a dhealbh airson cànan, gràmar agus briathrachas (189 KB)

PDF file: 11. a’ gluasad air adhart (182 KB)

PDF file: 12. Modh-obrach 1+2 a thaobh Ionnsachadh Cànain (136 KB)

PDF file: 13. feallsanachd airson Gàidhlig (190 KB)

PDF file: 14. luchd-ionnsachaidh le feumalachdan a-bharrachd (190 KB)

PDF file: 15. Foghlam Luchd-ionnsachaidh na Gàidhlig (138 KB)

PDF file: 16. Curraicealam 3-18 (a’ gabhail a-steach Modh-obrach 1+2) - Le fios as ùire bhon Fhaoilleach 2018 (262 KB)

PDF file: 17. Ag ionnsachadh mu chànan is mu chultar na Gàidhlig (180 KB)

Powerpoint presentations

PowerPoint file: Advice on Gaelic Education - Key Messages (English) (2 MB)

PowerPoint file: Advice on Gaelic Education - Key Messages (Gaelic) (2 MB)