Last Updated: Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Promoting Attendance: self-reflection questions for schools

What is this?

This resource aims to provide schools with self-reflection questions to help them explore further ways for them to promote attendance and manage absence.

Who is this for?

This information is for practitioners and school leads


Cover to Promoting Attendance informationAbsence from school, whatever the cause, disrupts learning.

As a fundamental ‘right’ all children and young people should have the opportunity to be included, engaged and involved in their learning and to fully participate in the life of their school.

Scottish Governments’ policy on attendance recognises that the foundation for schools, learning establishments and education authorities is a focus on positive relationships and an inclusive ethos and culture that promotes good attendance.

This resource, co-produced by Scottish Government and Education Scotland, provides self-reflection questions for schools to further explore and implement practices that will encourage good attendance.

Improvement questions

  • Do our policies and practices promote and explicitly value good attendance (with pupils, parents, and partners)?
  • Is our approach to promoting attendance inclusive and address equity issues?
  • How can partnership working with parents, community and family learning, and other partners, be developed further to increase attendance and manage absence?


PDF file: Promoting attendance: Included, Engaged and Involved Part 1 self-reflection questions for schools (291 KB)