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​Core Skills Units do not form part of the Curriculum for Excellence development, therefore the Core Skills Units are unaffected by the changes introduced through the new National 1 to 5 qualifications.

The Core Skills Units will continue to be available and will remain in their current format with no changes made to the standards they contain for the foreseeable future.

Core skills are the broad skills that help people achieve success in many situations in life and work. They provide a basis for learning throughout life, for working effectively, and for handling problems.

Core skills in detail

The table shows five core skills that are currently embedded in national Courses and Units.

Core skillLevelsExamples
CommunicationSCQF level 2-6Taking part in discussions, writing letters and reports, understanding written information
NumeracySCQF level 2-6Using tables, diagrams, graphs and symbols, and working with money and measurements
Problem solvingSCQF level 2-6Analysing a situation, planning a strategy, obtaining resources, using information and evaluating procedures
Using information technologySCQF level 2-6Using the internet and e-mail, preparing documents and presentations
Working with OthersSCQF level 2-6

Planning and carrying out a task in cooperation with other group members

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SQA: Core Skills - The Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) has developed a new framework of broad, generic skills derived from 'Building the Curriculum 4'.

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