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Jargon buster

​We hope the following list will explain some of the abbreviations and acronyms you will encounter in the field of National Qualifications. Please let us know if there are any others you would like us to include.

Acronyms associated with National Qualifications
AHAdvanced Higher
ASNAdditional Support Needs
CESCentre for Educational Sociology
CETISCentre for Educational Technology Interoperability Standards
CPDContinuing Professional Development
DfEDepartment for Education
DtSDetermined to Succeed
FEFurther Education
FENTOFurther Education National Training Organisation
FTTFashion and Textile Technology
HEHigher Education
HFTHealth and Food Technology

How Good is Our School?

​ICT​Information and Communications Technology
​Int 1​Intermediate 1
​Int 2​Intermediate 2
​JISC​Joint Information Systems Committee
​NAB​National Assessment Bank
​NC​National Certificate
​NLN​National Learning Network
​NPs​National Priorities
​NQ​National Qualifications
​NQCS​National Qualifications Curriculum Support
​PBNCs​Project Based National Courses
​PSD​Personal and Social Development
​PSE​Personal and Social Education
​RMPS​Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies
​SCHOLAR​Scottish Common and Higher Open Learning and Access Resources
​SCQF​Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework
​SCRAN​Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network
​SCRE​Scottish Council for Research in Education
​SCROLLA​Scottish Centre for Research into Online Learning and Assessment
​SENSpecial Educational Needs​
​SG​Standard Grade
​SGA​Scottish Group Award
​SQA​Scottish Qualifications Authority
​SSERC​Scottish Schools Equipment Research Council
​SVQ​Scottish Vocational Qualification
​VLE​Virtual Learning Environment

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