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Education Scotland is lead Scottish supporter of National Numeracy Day

Education Scotland is once again proud to be a lead supporter of National Numeracy Day.

The annual day, taking place on 15 May, is aimed at encouraging people to take action to improve their skills and confidence in using numbers effectively.
Gayle Gorman, HM Chief Inspector of Education and Chief Executive of Education Scotland said: 'Numbers are part of everyday life – we use them when cooking, shopping and budgeting, and yet research shows that nearly half of working-age adults in the UK have numeracy levels that we expect of primary school children.
'National Numeracy Day is an opportunity to encourage people to improve their skills and gain more confidence in using numbers in everyday life.'
As part of National Numeracy Day, people are encouraged to check and improve their own skills with the National Numeracy Challenge – a score of 80 demonstrates the person has the Essentials of Numeracy.
All organisations across Scotland also have the opportunity to get involved as a champion of the day and access toolkits to engage and support individuals to improve their numeracy. Contact Lindsay MacDonald​ for further information.


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