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Evaluating the outcomes of nurture initiatives

Our new framework ‘Applying Nurture as a Whole School Approach’ has now been published to support practitioners as they self-evaluate their nurturing approaches.

The framework was developed with eight local authorities throughout Scotland and launched in June 2017.

Gail Nowek, Education Officer at Education Scotland, worked on the development of the guidance, she said: “The framework describes features of highly-effective practice from a nurturing perspective and provides challenge questions for each of the relevant Quality Indicators within HGIOS?4 .

“The framework also provides a range of practical tools including school environment observation schedules; attunement profiles; focus group prompts; and staff and parental questionnaires which can help practitioners, managers and partners explore nurturing approaches in different contexts across the wider school community.’

The framework, and a range of educational improvement resources and support, are available on our National Improvement Hub.

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