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Funding gives schools food for thought

A fund to help improve food and health education is now open to schools across Scotland.

The 'Food for Thought F​und', now in its sixth year, is open to Early Learning and Childcare Centres, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and ASN schools, including ASN schools in the independent sector.

To develop food and health education, schools and early learning and childcare centres are invited to apply for up to £3000 for projects that will provide high quality learning experiences in food and health, whether that be creating edible gardens, setting up cooking areas, offering hospitality to the community or any other project which meets the overall aim. Establishments will also be asked to work with a business or community partner to help address skills for learning, life and work.

Gayle Gorman, Education Scotland Chief Executive said: ​“The Food for Thought education fund aims to support children and young people through high quality learning experiences in food and health.

“Recent projects have included a sustainable growing garden, developing a cooking classroom and hosting a community event to showcase what young people have learned, grown and cooked. All examples of learners improving their knowledge and skills in exciting and motivating ways.

“Education Scotland is committed to improving food and health education in Scotland and I would encourage practitioners to apply for the fund.”

​Applications must be submitted by 2pm on Wednesday 23 May. For more information please visit the Food for Thought page​ on the Education Scotland website.

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