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Outstanding recognition for Glasgow's education services

​Glasgow City Council has been praised by Education Scotland’s HM Inspectors for making excellent progress in improving learning, raising attainment closing the poverty-related attainment gap.

A new Education Scotland inspection report  for the Council shows clear evidence that poverty is no longer accepted as a barrier to the pursuit of excellence in Glasgow.

HM Inspectors visited Glasgow as part of  an inspection of  local authorities.

During their time spent in schools speaking to staff, young people and parents, they were impressed by evidence of a very strong, council-wide vision focused on reducing the impact of poverty on children, families and communities.

The resulting inspection report highlighted several examples of highly-effective practice in areas such as data analysis and monitoring, professional learning, and leadership commitment to improving the educational outcomes of children and young people living in poverty in Glasgow.

An accompanying sketchnote was developed to provide a visual description of some of the highlights identified in the inspection.

HM Chief Inspector of Education Gayle Gorman said: 'This report is a real tribute to the teachers and support staff for their outstanding commitment to improving learning, raising attainment and reducing the impact of poverty on learners.

'I’m very pleased to see that staff are well supported and challenged to own and deliver the aspirational goals they have created for all children, young people and families across the city. Outstanding approaches to career-long professional learning and leadership have further strengthened staff skills and knowledge.'

Education Scotland Strategic Director of Scrutiny Janie McManus said: 'What stood out in this report were the approaches to targeting, selecting and evaluating the impact of initiatives. This is particularly well illustrated by the fact that headteachers are now confidently using data to make decisions on how additional funding can have the greatest impact for children in their local context.

'In fact, school staff across the local authority are overwhelmingly positive on how the quality and use of data has improved their work.'

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