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Schools empowered to develop local curriculums

Most schools in Scotland feel empowered to develop the curriculum to suit the needs of children and young people in their local community.

That's the evidence presented in the latest national Thematic Inspection of Empowerment for Curriculum Leadership, the second in a series of three Education Scotland reports on school empowerment.

From January to March 2019, HM Inspectors visited 43 schools in 32 local authorities, meeting with senior school leaders, teachers, non-teaching staff, pupils, parents and wider partners.

They collected evidence on how well headteachers and schools were empowered to design their local curriculum and to lead learning in line with Curriculum for Excellence and in collaboration with their school community.

HM Chief Inspector of Education, Gayle Gorman said: “This report provides strong evidence of staff feeling empowered to make decisions about their curriculum to best meet the needs of their children and young people within the local community.

'I'm optimistic that its findings will help staff to design a local curriculum based around the needs of learners and reflecting the needs of the local community.

'However, schools need to continue discussing and reviewing the curriculum in line with Curriculum for Excellence, the changing workforce and the skills required for the 21st century.

'It will be important that parents, learners and partners are fully involved in the development of the curriculum.

'Care should also be taken to ensure that the curriculum guidance and frameworks provided to support schools in their curriculum journey are helping teachers to be innovative to improve outcomes for children and young people.'

The final national thematic review on empowerment will be published later this year and will examine parent and pupil participation.

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