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Three key messages for the new school year

‚ÄčThe Interim Chief Inspector of Education has today encouraged schools to improve approaches to assessment, to help all children to achieve their potential and close the poverty-related attainment gap.

Graeme Logan has published Key messages for schools from HM Chief Inspector of Education: August 2017 for practitioners to consider as a profession as they move into the new school year.

Last year Education Scotland published the 'Curriculum for Excellence Statement for Practitioners' providing clear, practical advice in planning learning, teaching and assessment. The statement still stands and is the definitive guidance on implementing Curriculum for Excellence.

'Key messages for schools from HM Chief Inspector of Education: August 2017', is asking schools to:

  • Embed Curriculum for Excellence by using the Curriculum for Excellence Statement for Practitioners.
  • Streamline assessment, reviewing and reducing the assessment burden where this exists. Use the new Scottish Standardised Assessments as one aspect of the evidence you consider when making professional judgements. In secondary schools effective assessment helps teachers be sure that learners are achieving the standards expected at third and fourth curriculum levels. This will provide a robust basis on which to make choices for national qualifications in the senior phase, and at the appropriate levels.
  • Close the poverty-related attainment gap, including having a clear rationale for selected interventions and strategies.

Graeme Logan said: 'A lot of progress has been made since the launch of the CfE Statement last year, including the development of Benchmarks to provide clarity on the national standards expected within each curriculum area at each CfE level.'

'The Key Messages are what I want us to focus on as a profession as we work to deliver excellence and equity for all children.'

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