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Education Scotland welcomes Budget

Education Scotland today welcomed the news of increased funding announced as part of the Scottish Government Budget. The resources will be focused on tackling the equity and excellence agenda, making a significant contribution to the development of regional delivery and support and capacity for curriculum.

Gayle Gorman, Chief Executive of Education Scotland, said: "We welcome the extra funding announced by the finance minister and the Scottish Government’s continual commitment to education and Education Scotland to deliver our remit for national, system wide improvement in learning, curriculum and leadership".

"The extra £2.5million announced for Education Scotland will allow us to not only to fully support a changing system but to also build capacity to adapt to the shifting requirements in every region of the country, including community learning, further education, early learning and schools as we seek to further improve Scotland’s attainment."

"We will have many roles to play – support, inspection, assisting the work of the Regional Improvement Collaboratives and supporting both local authorities and schools, identifying and sharing best practice in curriculum design, learning and teaching, and professional learning and leadership."

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