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Schools to receive awards for cyber safety

​Digital Schools Awards Scotland ​launched a Special Recognition Badge for Cyber Resilience and Internet Safety in Scottish schools.

Developed in conjunction with Education Scotland and the Child Protection Unit, the badge was fittingly introduced on Safer Internet Day, an annual event on 5 February.

The badge will help provide education professionals with the resources and support needed to help pupils safely navigate the digital world.

It is part of the Scotland’s Digital Schools Awards Initiative which promotes and recognises excellence in digital learning and teaching in Scottish schools, and encourages schools to infuse digital skills across the curriculum.

To receive a badge, schools must complete a self-assessment to identify their expertise. Where gaps in the knowledge exist, the necessary guidance is provided to achieve accreditation.

The badge concept recognises that growing digital teaching and learning in schools must go together with excellence in developing teachers and pupils cyber resilience and internet safety.

Schools can apply for through the Digital Schools Awards website.​

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