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Scottish Parent Teacher Council

The Scottish Parent Teacher Council (SPTC) is a parent-led membership organisation and charity providing help, support and advice to any parents and carers who want to be involved in their child's education.

Members are Parent Councils, parent teacher associations (PTA) and other parent groups who pay for membership, or have membership paid by their local authority. SPTC provides a variety of benefits including membership-linked insurance, designed especially for parent groups and the things they want to do.

SPTC also runs free training workshops tackling issues that parents ask them about, as well as providing leaflets and helpful resources, an advice line and news updates.

In 2013, SPTC was given Scottish Government grant funding with partner organisation Bemis for a pilot project – Gathered Together – which works with parent councils, local authorities and communities to build on engagement of parents from ethnic and cultural minorities.

Some SPTC services and publications that may be of interest to you:

  • SPTC monthly e-newsletter - highlighting important information in the world of education
  • Parents' Voice – sign up to join a growing pool of parents who take part in surveys on a variety of topics, helping to inform SPTC's policy work.
  • Backchat is SPTC's quarterly newsletter, sent to members by email or post. Backchat shares news and information about what's happening in Scottish education, as well as events and organisations that SPTC think will be of interest to parents and carers.

Contact SPTC

To contact SPTC email or call 0131 474 6199 between 9am and 5pm.​

Our newsletters provide the latest information on education news and events, as well as details of resources and activities to help you support your child's learning