Be at the heart of your child’s learning during COVID-19

Parents and families are dealing with a vast amount of information on a wide range of topics about COVID-19. The information below is intended to help provide guidance and support to parents and families regarding their child’s learning at home and signpost to other information which may be of interest. Information on Parentzone Scotland will continue to be reviewed and updated as required, so please revisit the website.

During COVID-19, early learning and childcare settings, schools and local authorities across Scotland are working on how they can best provide support for children’s learning at home. Early learning and childcare settings and schools are likely to take different approaches to meet the individual needs of their pupils. Information for parents and families on this will be provided locally.

What is learning at home?

Learning at home is a broad term to describe the learning which happens outwith early learning and childcare settings and schools. It can take place through everyday activities including play and general family life, such as food preparation and cooking. It can also happen through curriculum related activities, homework, reading and sharing books.

Activities for learning at home can be specifically designed to help parents engage in their child’s learning and build upon the learning from early learning and childcare settings and schools.

Engaging in your child’s learning can make a real difference to how well they do. Making your home a positive home learning environment plays a big part in this, no matter what age your child is.

The Learning at home area of Parentzone Scotland contains information and resources you may find of interest.

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