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National Improvement Framework Improvement FrameworkNational Improvement FrameworkInformation for parents and carers about the National Improvement Framework for Scottish education, which was announced by the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, on 1st September 2015, PZ Content Page
About the 3-18 curriculum the 3-18 curriculumAbout the 3-18 curriculumA simple introduction to Curriculum for Excellence, with links to further information., PZ Content Page
Learning in the early years in the early yearsLearning in the early yearsInformation for parents and carers about frameworks and guidance which underpin children's early education. From age three, your child is likely to be working at the early level of Curriculum for Excellence., PZ Content Page
Scottish Attainment Challenge Attainment ChallengeScottish Attainment ChallengeThe Scottish Attainment Challenge was launched by the First Minister in February 2015 and aims to ensure that all children and young people in Scotland develop the knowledge and skills they need to flourish in life, learning and work., PZ Content Page
Curriculum levels levelsCurriculum levelsBrief guide to the five curriculum levels which range from the early level of the broad general education to the senior phase., PZ Content Page
Parentzone Scotland poster and postcard Scotland poster and postcardParentzone Scotland poster and postcardDownloadable Parentzone poster and postcard for use in schools, settings and communities, PZ Content Page
Developing the Young Workforce the Young WorkforceDeveloping the Young WorkforceDescribes how the senior phase of Curriculum for Excellence ties in with the recommendations of the Commission for Developing Scotland's Young Workforce., PZ Content Page
Broad general education general educationBroad general educationAn introduction to the broad general education - this stage starts in the first years of a child's education and continues until S3 in secondary school., PZ Content Page
Assessment and achievement and achievementAssessment and achievementFind out about approaches to assessment, achievement (including reporting and profiles) and qualifications., PZ Category Page GP0|#6c1f509d-05c6-443c-bbff-3d1db4f84ecf;L0|#06c1f509d-05c6-443c-bbff-3d1db4f84ecf|Assessment and achievement;GTSet|#95bfa9fc-b050-4264-a21d-ac7bd80d2a90;GPP|#c9347239-91aa-4b05-af27-e849543b482e;GPP|#c2a018e8-f604-43eb-b15a-3940008d4730
Post-16 opportunities opportunitiesPost-16 opportunitiesFind out about the different opportunities available to your child as they prepare to leave school., PZ Category Page GP0|#6128c382-1c0f-44ab-9be4-1b21f78c6eab;L0|#06128c382-1c0f-44ab-9be4-1b21f78c6eab|Post-16 opportunities;GTSet|#95bfa9fc-b050-4264-a21d-ac7bd80d2a90;GPP|#c9347239-91aa-4b05-af27-e849543b482e;GPP|#c2a018e8-f604-43eb-b15a-3940008d4730
Curriculum areas areasCurriculum areasThere are eight curriculum areas, containing a range of subjects.Find information on what your child will learn in each curriculum area and what skills they should develop, PZ Category Page GP0|#a5dfba62-d84d-4932-ae63-2237584de4fc;L0|#0a5dfba62-d84d-4932-ae63-2237584de4fc|Curriculum areas;GTSet|#95bfa9fc-b050-4264-a21d-ac7bd80d2a90;GPP|#c9347239-91aa-4b05-af27-e849543b482e;GPP|#c2a018e8-f604-43eb-b15a-3940008d4730
Senior phase phaseSenior phaseThe senior phase of the curriculum covers the later years in secondary education from S4-S6 (from around ages 15-18)., PZ Category Page GP0|#e83d3f2e-2300-4cae-b391-4d64b8b7a26b;L0|#0e83d3f2e-2300-4cae-b391-4d64b8b7a26b|Senior phase;GTSet|#95bfa9fc-b050-4264-a21d-ac7bd80d2a90;GPP|#c9347239-91aa-4b05-af27-e849543b482e;GPP|#c2a018e8-f604-43eb-b15a-3940008d4730

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