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Developing the Young Workforce

Developing the Young Workforce is a seven-year programme that aims to better prepare children and young people from 3–18 for the world of work. This programme builds on the foundations already in place as part of Curriculum for Excellence.

The programme’s main aim is to reduce youth unemployment by 40% by 2021.

Career Education Standard

The Career Education Standard recognises the journeys children and young people make as they learn about the world of work from the early years to the senior phase. It sets out what children and young people will learn and what parents/carers, teachers/practitioners, employers and Skills Development Scotland will do to support their learning. Implementation of the standard will improve the quality and consistency of learning about work and careers. It will improve young people’s ability to make informed decisions about future pathways.

Work Placement Standard

The Work Placement Standard recognises the rich learning that a young person can experience when they use and develop their skills in a work environment. It recognises that a work placement should help a young person to make informed career choices. The standard sets out expectations for the young person, employer, school and local authority and parent/carer before, during and after work placements. Implementation of the standard will significantly improve the quality of learning undertaken in the workplace.

Find out more about  Developing the Young Workforce and the Career Education and Work Placement standards.

Download the 'Preparing children and young people (3-18) for the world of work' poster.

PDF file: Timeline poster (270 KB)

This downloadable introduction to career education has been written for parents and carers and was published by the National Parent Forum of Scotland.

PDF file: Career Education: A World of Possibilities (392 KB)

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