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Employment and training

​Young learners in the senior phase of their education (S4-S6) at school will be able to access a range of opportunities and experiences that will help them develop skills for life, learning and work. These experiences will help them make choices on their chosen career pathway. For some, this will be into employment once they have reached the school leaving age.

Modern Apprenticeships

One avenue that many young people will consider as a career pathway will be a Modern Apprenticeship (MA). These are devised by employers and industry representatives for occupational sectors on a UK-wide basis. There are 15 occupational sectors in Scotland, for example engineering or construction.

Modern apprenticeships are available at Level 2 and Level 3 and include:

  • an industry recognised qualification, for example a Scottish vocational Qualification (SVQ)
  • core skills at an appropriate level
  • mandatory competences.

Many apprentices will attend a college or an approved private training provider (PTP) for their off-the-job training element (for example Engineering MAs trainees attend a college or a PTP for 26 weeks in their first year). They spend the rest of the time on the job, learning from more experienced workers how to develop the skills necessary to achieve an MA, get a job and start their career.

Others may have opportunities to study part-time at a college, or with a private training provider, as part of the training for their job. These organisations have a rich history of providing such courses and have industry standard resources available to ensure training opportunities use the highest specification in their training (for example, many colleges have state-of-the-art industrial kitchens and restaurants to train young people in hospitality and catering).

  • 'My World of Work' has information on Modern Apprenticeships, including how to apply.
  • MappIt is an interactive web programme to help pupils, school leavers and their parents search and apply for Modern Apprenticeship vacancies.

Activity Agreements

Activity Agreements are for those young people who may not, without additional support, make a successful transition to work, further education or training. They are often delivered by community learning and development partnerships within a local authority area.

Workers, often youth workers, are skilled at engaging with young people and working with them to develop learning solutions that are tailored to each individual and that enable young people to progress towards other post-16 opportunities.

North Lanarkshire Council has created a young people's website explaining how Activity Agreements work and what benefits there are in signing up.

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