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What is the senior phase? is the senior phase?What is the senior phase?The senior phase of Curriculum for Excellence lasts from S4 to S6 (from around ages 15 to 18). It follows a young person's broad general education, building firmly on the Experiences and Outcomes they will have experienced and achieved to end of S3., PZ Content Page
Learners talk about their subject choices talk about their subject choicesLearners talk about their subject choicesIn these short video clips, pupils in the senior phase talk about how Curriculum for Excellence has helped them with subject choices and planning for their future., PZ Content Page
Senior phase learner journeys phase learner journeysSenior phase learner journeysSample 'learner journeys' or 'achievement pathways' showing the different routes available to individual learners in the senior phase of the curriculum., PZ Category Page GP0|#7505ff41-1e3a-47e3-94c4-e12760c2face;L0|#07505ff41-1e3a-47e3-94c4-e12760c2face|Learner journeys;GTSet|#95bfa9fc-b050-4264-a21d-ac7bd80d2a90;GPP|#e83d3f2e-2300-4cae-b391-4d64b8b7a26b;GPP|#c9347239-91aa-4b05-af27-e849543b482e;GPP|#c2a018e8-f604-43eb-b15a-3940008d4730

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