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Cyber Security Training Programme and Clubs for teenagers and parents

​​​​The UK Government launched its landmark Cyber Security Training Programme ​‘Cyber Discovery’​ in 2017 to help introduce cyber security as a profession to more young people aged 14-18. Nearly 24,000 students have already undertaken the initial assessment – CyberStart Assess. From there, thousands of students progressed through to the next stages - CyberStart Game and CyberStart Essentials. Around 170 students then participated in a face-to-face CyberStart Elite camp. Registration is open until 31 January 2019 for teenagers to join an extra-curricular cyber security training programme - Cyber Discovery​. They will also have the opportunity to complete the CyberStart Assess.

As well as encouraging students to take part in the first stage of the programme, Cyber Discovery are looking for parents, schools and other volunteers to set up and host extra-curricular Cyber Discovery clubs. These volunteers can become club leaders and provide students with guidance, motivation and support throughout the programme. No prior knowledge of cyber security is required as most of the programme is delivered online through a gamified learning platform that is designed to encourage independent progress. The only requirement needed is the ability to encourage young people to succeed. Why not register today?

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