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Getting It Right For Every Child (GIRFEC)

​Getting It Right For Every Child (GIRFEC) is the national approach to improving the wellbeing of children and young people.

Through policy and the delivery of services at both national and local level, the GIRFEC approach:

  • puts the best interests of the child at the heart of decision making 
  • takes a holistic approach to the wellbeing of a child 
  • works with children, young people and their families on ways to improve wellbeing 
  • advocates preventative work and early intervention to support children, young people and their families 
  • believes professionals must work together in the best interests of the child.

The Getting It Right For Every Child practice model is now legislated through the Children and Young People’s Act 2014. This legislation is based on planning for every child and a child’s plan for those who require more concerted processes of support across agencies like education, health and social care.

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