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Building the Curriculum the CurriculumBuilding the CurriculumThe Building the Curriculum series of documents provides advice, guidance and policy for different aspects of Curriculum for Excellence., CZ Content Page
What is Curriculum for Excellence? is Curriculum for Excellence?What is Curriculum for Excellence?A quick introduction to Scotland’s 3-18 curriculum with links to key documents., CZ Content Page
Experiences and outcomes and outcomesExperiences and outcomesUse the experiences and outcomes help plan learning and to assess progress across all curriculum areas., CZ Content Page
Principles and practice and practicePrinciples and practice​The principles and practice documents are essential reading for practitioners as they begin, and then develop, their work with the statements of experiences and outcomes., CZ Content Page
CfE Briefings BriefingsCfE BriefingsA series of briefings designed to provide practitioners with information and advice to support their implementation of Curriculum for Excellence., CZ Content Page
Curriculum for Excellence Implementation for Excellence ImplementationCurriculum for Excellence ImplementationPlanning and minutes from CfE Implementation Group - setting out key strategic priorities that national partners will undertake each year, CZ Content Page
Tackling bureaucracy and addressing undue workload in schools bureaucracy and addressing undue workload in schoolsTackling bureaucracy and addressing undue workload in schoolsEducation Scotland has carried out a focused review of the demands placed on schools by local authorities in relation to Curriculum for Excellence., CZ Content Page
Curriculum for Excellence Management Board for Excellence Management BoardCurriculum for Excellence Management BoardMinutes from the Curriculum for Excellence Management Board meetings, CZ Content Page
Curriculum areas areasCurriculum areasIncluding support and resources for expressive arts, health and wellbeing, languages, mathematics, RME, sciences, social studies, technologies., CZ Category Page GP0|#b9736d07-a7e8-4103-9f88-be8e8bd6360a;L0|#0b9736d07-a7e8-4103-9f88-be8e8bd6360a|Curriculum areas;GTSet|#c720f362-dabb-4fc0-9f38-739b69d9d23d;GPP|#96a31ed4-0a76-486f-adcc-00dd45f1ead4;GPP|#0ffe499f-d9ab-4cb4-9cab-2521a204e6e3;GPP|#1cd5a8c6-0e20-4629-aef8-953b6fc9c227;GPP|#9fe80a4f-281a-4b59-9cb6-898d17eb9f0f;GPP|#5ea2f055-709a-49aa-816c-bc466c16e12f

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