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Developing employability and skills employability and skillsDeveloping employability and skillsSets out how Education Scotland will work with national and regional partners to help deliver the Developing the Young Workforce programme., CZ Content Page
Implementing the National Improvement Framework the National Improvement FrameworkImplementing the National Improvement FrameworkThis key policy initiative is designed to accelerate progress in improving outcomes for young people., CZ Content Page
Embedding inclusion, equity and empowerment inclusion, equity and empowermentEmbedding inclusion, equity and empowermentThis programme uses community learning approaches to improve outcomes for young people, families and adults., CZ Content Page
Developing the National Improvement Hub and transforming our online services the National Improvement Hub and transforming our online servicesDeveloping the National Improvement Hub and transforming our online servicesWe are developing a new online portal, to support improvement across Scottish education., CZ Content Page
International engagement strategy of Education Scotland engagement strategy of Education ScotlandInternational engagement strategy of Education ScotlandOur international strategy affirms our commitment to preparing today’s learners across all sectors for a global future., CZ Content Page
Embedding digital learning and teaching digital learning and teachingEmbedding digital learning and teachingThis programme is designed to support educators, learners and parents to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digital technology to raise attainment, ambition and opportunities for all., CZ Content Page
Supporting community learning and development community learning and developmentSupporting community learning and developmentEducation Scotland has policy lead responsibility for CLD, youth work, adult learning, English for speakers of other languages, and adult literacies., CZ Content Page
Scottish Learning Festival Learning FestivalScottish Learning FestivalSLF 2017 takes place on Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 September at the SECC, Glasgow., CZ Content Page
Providing support and challenge to local authorities support and challenge to local authoritiesProviding support and challenge to local authoritiesWe support and challenge local authority education provision and build capacity for leadership at all levels within education services of local councils., CZ Content Page
Ensuring the impact of Curriculum for Excellence the impact of Curriculum for ExcellenceEnsuring the impact of Curriculum for ExcellenceExplore how this programme is designed to support the continuing implementation of Curriculum for Excellence (CfE)., CZ Category Page GP0|#cffc879a-ae83-4a34-a60f-a67c16fca8c6;L0|#0cffc879a-ae83-4a34-a60f-a67c16fca8c6|Ensuring the Impact of CfE;GTSet|#c720f362-dabb-4fc0-9f38-739b69d9d23d;GPP|#0c1043f2-edf4-4207-b4ee-57073d324c98;GPP|#5ea2f055-709a-49aa-816c-bc466c16e12f

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