About ensuring the impact of Curriculum for Excellence2017-01-01T00:00:00Zhttps://education.gov.scot/what-we-do/ensuring-the-impact-of-cfe/About ensuring the impact of Curriculum for ExcellenceAbout ensuring the impact of Curriculum for ExcellenceExplore how this programme is designed to support the continuing implementation of Curriculum for Excellence (CfE).https://auth.education.gov.scot/_catalogs/masterpage/CZ_Auth_ContentPage.aspx, CZ Content Page
Food for Thought Education Fund2018-04-22T23:00:00Zhttps://education.gov.scot/what-we-do/ensuring-the-impact-of-cfe/Food for Thought Education FundFood for Thought Education FundThe Food for Thought Education Fund provides grants of up to £3000 to develop projects that support food and health as a context for learning.https://auth.education.gov.scot/_catalogs/masterpage/CZ_Auth_ContentPage.aspx, CZ Content Page

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