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Food for Thought Education Fund

​​​​​​Food for Thought Education Fund Phase 6

1. Introduction

The Food for Thought Education Fund gives financial support to develop Food and Health as a context for learning. The fund aims to improve practitioner confidence in providing progressive, high quality, skills based learning experiences which help to embed food education into the ethos of the establishment. It also provides an opportunity to plan and implement learning experiences which build sustainability and capacity for future development.

​Now in its sixth year, the Fund allows Local Authority Schools and Early Learning and Childcare​ settings to apply for grants of up to £3000 to develop projects that support the aims of the Fund. (Note - ASN establishments in the independent sector are also eligible to apply). Establishments may apply individually or as part of a cluster of schools from their education authority.​

It is essential that food based projects include a business or community link.​ Business in the Community Scotland is a partner in the Food for Thought Fund and they can help establishments to find a business/community link if help is required.

PDF file: Phase 6 – Successful Establishments​​​​

Please note that the Fund is now CLOSED for this year.​

2. What were we looking for this year?

Scottish Government's aspiration that Scotland is a Good Food Nation, means a country where people from every walk of life take pride and pleasure in, and benefit from, the food they buy, serve, and eat day by day. It also means that:

  • It is the norm for Scots to take a keen interest in their food, knowing what constitutes good food, valuing it and ​seeking it out whenever they can.

  • People who serve and sell food (including schools) are committed to serving and selling good food.

  • Everyone in Scotland has ready access to the healthy, nutritious food they need.

  • Dietary-related diseases are in decline, as is the environmental impact of our food consumption.

  • Scottish producers ensure that what they produce is increasingly healthy and environmentally sound

  • Food companies are a thriving feature of the economy and places where people want to work.

  • Other countries look to Scotland to learn how to become a Good Food Nation.

 This year, we are interested in bids which will to contribute to this vision by:

  • ensuring learners have gained understanding about food education and can apply their knowledge and skills in a progressive way

  • relating projects to the world of work and the wide range of careers that are available in the Food and Drinks industry;

  • improving outcomes for learners in ways which seek to eliminate the inequity that currently exists amongst learners from different backgrounds and from particular vulnerable groups;

  • demonstrate an impact on learners, with learners being able to reflect on their knowledge of food and associated issues.

In this phase, we also ask that projects incorporate some or all of the following themes:

  • Skills Progression using the Food and Health Es and Os and Benchmarks

  • Developing the Young Workforce

  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)

  • Inequity / Attainment Gap

  • Digital Learning

  • Progressive Interdisciplinary Learning

  • Learning for Sustainability

  • Outdoor Learning

  • Working with Parents/Community

Projects may also relate to national events and/or Government initiatives including :

How can I speak to other practitioners about Food for Thought?

  • If you join the Health and Wellbeing Yammer you will be able to share stories and information (and ask questions) about Food for Thought and other HWB topics. Please use #foodforthought where relevant. The first thing to do is click the JOIN GROUP button and then introduce yourself in the 'SHARE SOMETHING' box. You can download the Yammer App on your phone too which is a really easy way to keep in touch with the group going forward.

  • ​Once you have joined, go to the 'PINNED' section on the right hand side of the page where you will see a link to the 'FOOD FOR THOUGHT NEWSFEED'. ​This newsfeed was used in Phases 1- 5 so you will be able to see photos and stories from previous projects. You will also see some completed application forms and evaluations when you click in the 'RESOURCES' tab at the top.

  • In addition we have also put some successful bids and some evaluations in the HWB NATIONAL RESOURCES page – again there is a link to this in the PINNED section.

The following pages on the National Improvement Hub may also be helpful in completing your application.

Food for Thought Resources

Food for Thought - Who Can Help?

Food and Health Skills Support

Food for Thought Projects at Dunblane PS / Todholm PS​​

​4. Fund Partners

Education Scotland is building on its strong partnership with Scottish Government with a continued commitment to high quality learning in health and wellbeing, including food education, across educational establishments in Scotland.

Business in the Community Scotland (BiTCS) brings together businesses and partner organisations across sectors to more effectively play their role in a stronger, fairer, wealthier, healthier, and greener Scotland.

In order to enhance skills for learning, life and work it is essential that you work in partnership with a business for this funding. BiTCS's role in the Food for Thought Fund will be to help establishments to link to a business or community organisation that can fulfil this role for the fund. These partners are not required to be a food based business/community organisation. Schools can also work with existing partners or create their own new partnerships. Securing a financial contribution from this partner is not mandatory; however it may be beneficial to your project if you were able to find additional income or 'in kind' funding to develop your project.

The Scottish Government is committed to ensuring all schools in Scotland embed food education through the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence, and the Schools (Health Promotion and Nutrition) (Scotland) Act 2007. The Government supports good quality learning and teaching around food through funding a number of stakeholders to engage and work with schools.​

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