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Inspection publications publicationsInspection publicationsAlphabetical list of reports published by Education Scotland., CZ Content Page
Validated self-evaluation self-evaluationValidated self-evaluationInformation about the validated self-evaluation process., CZ Content Page
Schools consultations consultationsSchools consultationsFind out information about the Schools (Consultation) (Scotland) Act 2010 and the process that councils must follow., CZ Content Page
Shared Risk Assessment Risk AssessmentShared Risk AssessmentInformation about Shared Risk Assessment., CZ Content Page
About inspections and reviews inspections and reviewsAbout inspections and reviewsThe purpose and aims of the inspection process in evaluating the quality of learning and teaching in Scottish schools and education services., CZ Category Page GP0|#dcac3722-8b64-46fe-a211-4cb5d2b99d62;L0|#0dcac3722-8b64-46fe-a211-4cb5d2b99d62|About inspections and reviews;GTSet|#de73d4ce-b745-453f-8a1e-8a14fc32c8d5;GPP|#188671b5-c91e-4579-ab40-31baa90e9d45;GPP|#0c1043f2-edf4-4207-b4ee-57073d324c98;GPP|#5ea2f055-709a-49aa-816c-bc466c16e12f
Reports reports for schools and early learning and childcare settings in Scotland., CZ Category Page GP0|#5396b005-f69a-42be-b0ad-971648d164ec;L0|#05396b005-f69a-42be-b0ad-971648d164ec|Reports;GTSet|#c720f362-dabb-4fc0-9f38-739b69d9d23d;GPP|#188671b5-c91e-4579-ab40-31baa90e9d45;GPP|#0c1043f2-edf4-4207-b4ee-57073d324c98;GPP|#5ea2f055-709a-49aa-816c-bc466c16e12f

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