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​Inspection, reporting and self-evaluation

Over the last two decades, there has been increasing international recognition of the success of 'the Scottish approach' to accountability and improvement. HM Inspectorate of Education (HMIE) played a vital role in developing this approach, building on an explicit combination of internal and external evaluation. The further development of ‘the Scottish approach’ will now be taken forward by Education Scotland.

Education Scotland receives frequent requests to contribute to thinking about quality improvement in countries across the world. HM Inspectors are frequently invited to participate in a variety of events and activities abroad. They also regularly receive international visitors who are interested in their work and, in particular, in their approaches to evaluation.

Arranging a visit

If you would like to visit us to find out more about our work in this area please complete the application form below, and send the completed form to Please note that there may be a charge for your visit.

Word file: Application form for international visitors (260 KB)

The Standing International Conference of Inspectorates

Education Scotland is a member of the Standing International Conference of Inspectorates (SICI). To find out more, visit the SICI website.

Find out more about Scottish education

For background information on Scottish education, including current policy initiatives, please read the following report published by the Eurydice, the European Commission information network on education, in February 2011:

PDF file: National system overview on education systems in Europe and ongoing reforms - 2011 edition - Scotland (65 KB)

The guide 'Learning Together: International education: responsible, global citizens' is part of the Learning Together series which aims to support schools and centres as they implement Curriculum for Excellence. It aims to help teachers reflect on and improve their practice in international education. Inspectors have visited a number of schools and centres, and worked with a wide range of practitioners and stakeholders to develop this resource. We hope that the examples of good practice provided in this guide will stimulate professional discussion about how to improve the curriculum to prepare young people for life in an ever-changing, globalised society.

PDF file: Learning Together: International education: responsible, global citizens (1.4 MB)

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