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College reviews

During 2017, new and significantly revised quality arrangements and associated framework was introduced for colleges in Scotland.  How Good Is Our College? (HGIOC?) is an innovative and forward-looking framework that both builds on the existing effective internal quality arrangements within colleges and aligns with Education Scotland quality arrangements for other sectors .  The framework also recognises and responds to the extensive changes experienced by the college sector over recent years and takes account of the Scottish Funding Council's arrangements for Regional Outcome Agreements.

2016-17 has been a development year and acknowledgement has been given to the need for Scottish Funding Council, Education Scotland and colleges the time to plan, implement and adapt to working with the new arrangements.

Through the use of HGIOC? colleges and their stakeholders identify what is working well and what needs to improve.  The framework is based on the four high level principles (which in turn are underpinned by challenge questions and quality indicators):

  • Leadership and quality culture
  • Delivery of learning and services to support learning
  • Outcomes and impact
  • Capacity for improvement

In responding to these principles, each college produces an Evaluative Report and an associated Enhancement Plan.  These describe the methodology and approaches taken to evaluation and the context in which the evaluation was carried out.  Colleges are required to retain all information used to support the evaluation processes, and where relevant, the allocation of grades.  During the initial development year Education Scotland inspectors provide support and challenge to college staff in their understanding of the principles and approaches behind the new arrangements.  The evidence gathered is used to evaluate the accuracy and appropriateness of the college-devised Evaluative Report, Enhancement Plans and associated proposed grading outcomes.  Submitted reports are subject to independent scrutiny and endorsement  procedures.  In December 2017, individual college reports and associated endorsement statements will be published on the Education Scotland website.


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