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Private further education colleges and English language schools

​New Home Office legislation is in place as of July 2016

As a result of discussions with the UKVI and the Scottish Government, Education Scotland will undertake the inspection of private further Education colleges and English language schools. Application arrangements are now finalised, and our documents on this site have been updated to the final versions.

Applying for inspection

The inspection of organisations to satisfy Home Office requirements for educational oversight are likely to be prioritised as far as is possible.

Organisations that wish to apply for educational oversight by Education Scotland from April 2016 are required to complete this form. The submission of this form, together with the application fee of £1,200 and accompanying documentation, is the first stage in the process of obtaining educational oversight from Education Scotland. It is essential that all information provided in the application form is accurate and complete, otherwise your application will be returned and you may not be eligible for inspection. Please read all the instructions in full as you complete the document.

Word file: Application Form for educational oversight by Education Scotland - April 2016 (212 KB)

Schedule of fees for educational oversight by Education Scotland

This document outlines the fees which will be payable to Education Scotland by those organisations which are inspected. Once an inspection is confirmed with an organisation, we require the completion of Page 2 - Payment of fees to Education Scotland for educational oversight. Inspections will not commence until fees are paid in full.

PDF file: Schedule of fees for educational oversight by Education Scotland 2016 (145 KB)

Education Scotland Quality Framework

Education Scotland Quality Framework Sept 2016

The recently revised framework for the inspection of private colleges and English language schools uses challenge questions which align to the 14 relevant quality indicators (QIs). Other QIs will only be added in exceptional cases. The 14 relevant challenge questions for all private colleges and English language schools are shown in bold.

PDF file: Education Scotland Quality Framework - September 2016 (159 KB)

Inspection arrangements

Inspection arrangements for private further education colleges and English language schools in Scotland

This document outlines Education Scotland's inspection arrangements. Organisations seeking educational oversight by Education Scotland will find it useful to consider the detail, when preparing for inspection. The inspection nominee from each organisation should find the information particularly useful.

PDF file: Inspection arrangements for private further education colleges and English language schools in Scotland - September 2016 (415 KB)

Useful information about Education Scotland's six scale grading system during inspections

This document provides a helpful summary of how grades are inter-related and how overall effectiveness of an organisation will be determined. Conditions for full re-inspection or partial re-inspection are highlighted.

PDF file: Grading system during inspections - October 2016 (293 KB)

Discussions and classroom observations during the inspection

This document provides helpful information for inspection nominees when planning the schedule of meetings for the inspection. Approximate timings are given for a typical three day inspection. These will of course be adjusted where the inspection runs for more, or less, than three days. This document will be issued and discussed in full with the inspection nominee by the Managing Inspector during the planning stage.

PDF file: Discussions and classroom observations information for nominee - meeting schedule - September 2016 (32 KB)

Inspection documents

Sample questionnaires for staff, learners and in relation to safeguarding

These questionnaires are for information only and may be of particular interest to the inspection nominee. The pre-inspection arrangements include the completion of questionnaires which will be issued to individual organisations by the Managing Inspector who will be leading your inspection. Staff and learners are invited to complete a questionnaire on their experiences of the organisation. The establishment to be inspected is required to complete a safeguarding questionnaire. These form an important part of the pre-inspection intelligence.

PDF file: Pre-inspection staff questionnaire (152 KB)

PDF file: Pre-inspection learner questionnaire (68 KB)

Word file: Safeguarding / child protection pro-forma 2015 (139 KB)

Frequently asked questions

This document aims to provide readers with information about the inspection of private further education colleges and English language schools in Scotland. It is regularly updated.

PDF file: FAQs for private colleges and English Language Schools - April 2016 (182 KB)

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