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Third sector organisations

Education Scotland has been trialling a range of inspection and review models across education sectors and establishments.  Within the community learning and development (CLD) sector, new inspection pilots looked at Development Trusts and Creative Scotland Place awards during 2015 and 2016.

A new model for inspecting CLD began in late 2016.  CLD Inspectors continue to join secondary and all-through school inspection teams.  In this role they look at school partnerships, which may include partnerships with third sector organisations.  More detail on community learning and development inspections is available.

Up until 2013, Education Scotland carried out inspection of individual third sector national organisations working in the CLD sector. These Reviews of Voluntary Sector Organisations were often referred to as IRVOLs.  No further IRVOLs are planned. However, previous reports from this model are still available.  In 2014, Education Scotland carried out a review of ‘Big Noise’ in Stirling and as part of a continuing partnership with the Glasgow Centre for Population Health a further review across three locations was carried out in 2017.  You can read the reports here.

How good is our third sector organisation? is a self-evaluation resource created to support the third sector to evaluate their performance.​

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