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Reasons for the review

​There have been significant changes to the delivery of education in recent years, through developments such as Curriculum for Excellence, GIRFEC, the Scottish Attainment Challenge and the National Improvement Framework. The Developing Scotland's Young Workforce report brings new challenges across all sectors relating to the skills for work agenda. The requirements and recommendations from the Children and Young People’s Act, the Statement of Ambition on adult learning, and the National Youth Work Strategy are also influencing changes. Wider societal changes in the use of technology, changes in demographics, the sustainability agenda and the challenge of ensuring greater equity in the outcomes of Scottish education, have also significantly impacted on the delivery of education.

The review set out to ensure that education inspection approaches reflect this changing environment and continue to make a positive contribution to improvements in the performance of educational establishments and services. Through doing so, the highly successful Scottish approach to quality improvement in education will continue to be world-class.

How the review was carried out

Seeking the views of stakeholders was an essential and major element of the review. We employed a range of different engagement approaches to enable us to do this. This included consultation through sector-specific events, regional cross-sectoral conversation days and inviting comment through a dedicated web page. We engaged extensively with a wide range of stakeholders, including education organisations, local authority education staff, practitioners and parents, to gain a better understanding of how they believed we should shape future inspection processes.

An external reference group set up to consult on the review, continues to:

  • provide advice, support and challenge to the review of approaches to inspection
  • help us access stakeholders so that we can consult widely
  • help us better understand the views of stakeholders and take these into account
  • help us identify and remove barriers to the way forward.

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