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Introduction to inspections

‚ÄčEducation Scotland aims to provide assurance on the quality of Scottish education and promote improvement and innovation to enhance learners' experiences and lead to better outcomes. Our inspections also contribute to National Performance Framework reporting.

Each year, we inspect and report on the quality of education in a sample of early learning and childcare settings, primary schools, secondary schools, special schools, community learning and development services, colleges, and residential educational provision. We also inspect the education functions of local authorities.

To support improvement, inspectors focus on the quality of children and young people's learning and achievement. We have a particular interest in the development of children and young people's skills and understanding in literacy, numeracy, health and wellbeing which enables access to the highest possible learning within a broad general education and beyond.

Our newsletters provide the latest information on education news and events, as well as details of resources and activities to help you support your child's learning.