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Key documents

‚ÄčPrinciples of Inspection and Review

This document tells you about the principles to which HM Inspectors are committed in the design and implementation of the inspection and review frameworks.

PDF file: Principles of inspection and review (333 KB)

Terms we use in the inspection process

An explanation of words that inspectors use when making judgements.

How good is our early learning and childcare?

This framework provides tools to support self-evaluation and improvement for practitioners working with children aged 0-5 years in early learning and childcare and the early stages of primary school. This new framework closely correlates to the work undertaken on the recent review of 'How good is our school? (fourth edition). 'How good is our early learning and childcare?' builds on the strengths of previous and existing frameworks for improvement.

How good is our school?

The fourth edition of How good is our school? (published September 2015) is designed to promote effective self-evaluation as the first important stage in a process of achieving self-improvement. It provides a suite of quality indicators that support staff in all sectors to look inwards, to scrutinise their work and evaluate what is working well for learners and what could be better. It is a key aspect of the Scottish approach to school improvement. The indicators within 'How good is our school? (fourth edition)' reflect the developing context within which schools now operate. They focus specifically on the impact of schools improving the educational experience and lives of Scottish pupils through learning and their successes and achievements, particularly the broad outcomes for learners within Curriculum for Excellence and the vision statement for Scotland's children.

How good is the learning and development in our community?

This refreshed self-evaluation resource, published in April 2016, will support the community learning and development sector to better self-evaluate for improvement.

Quality management in education

This revised framework is designed to assist local authorities, together with their main stakeholders, to develop and implement a rigorous and systematic approach to the self-evaluation of their education functions.

PDF file: Quality management in education 2 (429 KB)

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