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Quality and improvement in Scottish education

Quality and improvement in Scottish education 2012-2016

Education Scotland has published its latest report on Quality and improvement in Scottish education (QuISE) from 2012-2016.

The report of HM Inspectors’ findings highlights many strengths, including the commitment of staff, the continual improvement of learning experiences for pupils, and the creation of an education system which is highly inclusive.

It includes key aspects of education provision and practice which should be prioritised for improvement across many or all of Scotland’s education sectors.

Download the report

PDF file: Quality and improvement in Scottish education 2012-2016 (1.1 MB)

You can also access the Quality and Improvement in Scottish Education 2012-2016 report by sector:

PDF file: Early learning and childcare settings (188 KB)

PDF file: Primary schools (247 KB)

PDF file: Secondary schools (199 KB)

PDF file: Special and residential special schools (199 KB)

PDF file: Gaelic Medium Education (126 KB)

PDF file: Independent schools (140 KB)

PDF file: Community learning and development (231 KB)

PDF file: Career information, advice and guidance services (206 KB)

PDF file: Colleges (170 KB)

PDF file: Educational psychology services (162 KB)

PDF file: Prison learning (142 KB)

Further reading and commentary

Following the publication of the report, some of our Strategic Directors and Lead Officers for inspection wrote blogs about what QuISE means for their areas of responsibility:

Early learning and childcare – Lead Officer HMI Jackie Maley

Primary – Lead Officer HMI Sadie Cushley

Secondary – Lead Officer HMI Carol McDonald

Gaelic Medium Education - Lead Officer HMI Joan Esson

Collaboration across the sector – HM Chief Inspector of Education Bill Maxwell

Curriculum for Excellence – Strategic Director Alan Armstrong

Scottish Attainment Challenge – Strategic Director Graeme Logan

Inspection - Chief Operating Officer Alastair Delaney

Quality and improvement in Scottish education 2008-2011

This report provides the overview of the evaluations gathered during inspections and reviews over 2008-11 for each of the sectors included.

PDF file: Quality and improvement in Scottish education, trends in inspection findings 2008-2011 (408 KB)

Statistical information can be accessed separately for pre-schools, schools and learning communities.

PDF file: Statistical Appendix (326 KB)


A bibliography of relevant reports published by HM Inspectors during the period 2008 to 2011 is also available.

PDF file: Bibliography of reports published by HM Inspectors 2008-11 (22 KB)

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