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Creative Place review

​Education Scotland, in partnership with Creative Scotland, undertook three reviews of Creative Place Award winners in late 2015. The Creative Place Awards recognise communities where people work together to celebrate and promote their town, village or area through the arts and culture.

Creative Scotland and three Creative Place winners, Peebles, Kilmarnock and Helmsdale, wished to have an objective evaluation of their impacts and outcomes. Each organisation produced a self-evaluation and engaged in dialogue with HM Inspectors as part of the process. In each of the reviews, inspection teams visited a wide range of provision. At the end of the review week, HM Inspectors reported the findings to those involved

Reports currently available

PDF file: Helmsdale - Creative Place Review 29/02/16 (381 KB)

PDF file: Kilmarnock - Creative Place Review 29/02/16 (348 KB)

PDF file: Peebles - Creative Place Review 29/02/16 (348 KB)

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