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Reports from the States of Guernsey Education Department

‚ÄčStrategic inspection

The States of Guernsey Education Department invited HM Inspectors from Education Scotland to carry out a strategic inspection of the work of the Department in the first half of 2015.

The inspection provided an independent, external evaluation of the effectiveness of the Department and was conducted within a framework of quality indicators as defined in the Quality Management in Education (QMIE2) model.

Report on the findings

PDF file: Report on strategic inspection of the States of Guernsey Education Department (479 KB)

Follow-through strategic inspection of the States of Guernsey

Education Scotland published a strategic inspection report into the education functions of The States of Guernsey on 15 September 2015. In that report, we undertook to revisit the Bailiwick within two years to assess progress in relation to the main points for action.

In light of the considerable changes to education that are underway across the Bailiwick, we have jointly agreed to postpone the follow-through inspection of the education functions of the States of Guernsey at this time.

Validated Self-Evaluation programme

Guernsey and Alderney have a strong history of validated self-evaluation (VSE) over a period of 20 years. The latest iteration of self-evaluation is based upon Education Scotland's 'How Good Is Our School' (HGIOS) (HMIE 2007) and 'External Quality Arrangements for Scotland's Colleges'. The sets of quality indicators within these guidelines provide the core tools for self-evaluation and forms the cornerstone of the validated self-evaluation process.

HM Inspectors from Education Scotland are carrying out a programme of validated self-evaluation visits to schools and the College of Further Education in the Bailiwick, from May 2015.

This document describes the framework for self-evaluation used in the validation visits:

PDF file: Validated self-evaluation Framework for schools in Guernsey and Alderney (1.3 MB)

Why use validated self-evaluation?

Schools and colleges that are constantly seeking to improve are in a continuous cycle of review and planning. Independent external validation provides an opportunity for schools and colleges to check that their own assessments are accurate and that they are on the right track. Validation is an occasion to recognise and celebrate what schools and colleges do well. Equally, validation helps to confirm and perhaps discovers, the main ways in which they need to improve.

Reports on the validation visits

The published report that follows the validation visit provides information to parents, learners and other stakeholders about how well the school or college is performing in different aspects of its work. This provides a measure of accountability of the school or college to the community it serves. It also assists the States of Guernsey Education Department to identify which establishments need extra support, and how this may be provided.

Reports currently available:

PDF file: St Anne's School (492 KB)

PDF file: Castel Primary School (441 KB)

PDF file: Guernsey College of Further Education report (244 KB)

PDF file: Hautes Capelles Primary School Report (408 KB)

PDF file: La Houguette Primary School (387 KB)

PDF file: La Mare de Carteret High School report (396 KB)

PDF file: La Mare de Carteret Primary School, States of Guernsey (399 KB)

PDF file: Le Murier School Report (385 KB)

PDF file: Notre Dame du Rosaire Catholic Primary School report (429 KB)

PDF file: St Sampson's High School Report (428 KB)

PDF file: Vale Primary School report (407 KB)

Further information can be found on the States of Guernsey education department website.

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