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Thematic inspection of personal and social education (PSE) and health and wellbeing

​In its Mental Health Strategy 2017-2027, the Scottish Government committed to a review of Personal and Social Education (PSE); the role of pastoral guidance in local authority schools; and services for counselling for children and young people.

The review is taking place in three phases. Phase 1, a review of communications and initial exploration of PSE teaching resources, was completed in August 2017 and the outcome published on the Scottish Government’s website. Phase 2 has been a thematic inspection of delivery of PSE and health and wellbeing in schools and early learning settings across Scotland, carried out by Education Scotland. The following report contains the findings of Education Scotland's thematic inspection.

PDF file: Thematic inspection of personal and social education (PSE) and health and wellbeing in Scotland’s schools and early learning and childcare settings (703 KB)

Phase 3 will include further engagement with key stakeholders which will inform the consideration of a suite of final recommendations to be published by the Scottish Government.

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