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Corporate and business planning

​The processes for Education Scotland's corporate ​and business planning are outlined in the Education Scotland Framework Document under resource planning, management and audit.

Corporate Plan 2019-22

Education Scotland’s Corporate Plan for 2019-22 sets out a clear vision and direction of travel for Education Scotland, reflecting the significant changes to our remit, including our move to regional working, arising from the publication of Education Governance: Next Steps 2017. 
The corporate plan confirms our commitment to work more closely and collaboratively with all involved in improving Scotland’s education system and is focussed around five new strategic priorities which are fully in line with the National Improvement Framework (NIF) for education:

  • a strong focus on learning, teaching and leadership;
  • national collaborative professional learning networks;
  • getting it right for every child;
  • best use of high quality evidence; and
  • effective partnerships.

The strategic priorities are also shaping our approach to corporate performance reporting, informing the development of our new Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

PDF file: Education Scotland Corporate Plan 2019-2022 (788 KB)

PDF file: Education Scotland Corporate Plan 2019-2022 (Gaelic version) (1.5 MB)​​

Corporate Plan 2013-16

PDF file: Education Scotland Corporate Plan 2013-16 (3.7 MB)

PDF file: Summary/Guide to Education Scotland Corporate Plan (1.5 MB)

PDF file: Education Scotland Corporate Plan - Gaelic language version (3.1 MB)

PDF file: Summary/Guide to Corporate Plan - Gaelic language version (2.9 MB)

Amendments to the plans

Exceptionally, if policy or circumstances change significantly in the course of a planning period, the Director-General Learning and Justice, the Director of Learning, Director of Lifelong Learning, Director of Children and Families or the Chief Executive may propose revisions to the corporate plan, including changes to targets and financial resources.

Any revisions will be subject to approval by Scottish Government Ministers.

Gaelic Language Plan

Our Gaelic Language Plan was published in August 2013.

PDF file: Gaelic Language Plan (1.27 MB)

PDF file: Am Plana Gàidhlig (1.31 MB)

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