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Latest News

13 December 2021

Education Scotland extends 1:1 online coaching offer to CLD Leaders

The 1:1 online coaching programme is part of a wider package of health and wellbeing support and help to navigate the challenges caused by Covid-19.

06 December 2021

Education Scotland's Organisational Consultation Response

Education Scotland takes an inclusive approach in it's response to Professor Muir’s consultation to ensure the views of all staff were heard and represented.

03 December 2021

Education Scotland launch Peer to Peer Coaching to support practitioners

Education Scotland launch Peer to Peer Coaching to support practitioners.

03 December 2021

Updated plans for school inspections

Education Scotland has announced updated plans for school inspections due to start next year.

23 November 2021

Closing the attainment gap

£200 million to help children and young people impacted by poverty.