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Latest News

24 March 2021

Recordings from Learning and Teaching in 2021 and beyond

Recordings from the conversation between the Deputy First Minister, John Swinney and Gayle Gorman, HM Chief Inspector of Education.

24 March 2021

Education Scotland launches new Mentors in Violence Prevention site

The Inclusion team at Education Scotland have launched a new MVP website which provides a platform with resources, a secure staff and trainer section, accreditation, links to show how MVP fits in with Experiences and Outcomes and video clips of learners talking about the programme.

23 March 2021

Scotland’s STEM teaching gets £400,000 boost

As part of Education Scotland’s Enhancing Professional Learning in STEM Grants Programme, additional funding has been released to support practitioners with access to resources and support in the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, Numeracy and Mathematics.

15 March 2021

Schools are supporting the health and wellbeing of the education community during remote learning

A weekly national overview of how remote learning is being delivered in schools across Scotland.

04 March 2021

Learning and teaching in 2021 and beyond

A conversation with the Deputy First Minister, John Swinney, and Gayle Gorman, HM Chief Inspector of Education.