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Latest News

21 July 2021

Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills at SLF Online

The Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills, Shirley-Anne Somerville, will be presenting a keynote speech at this year’s SLF Online. This exclusive presentation will be Ms Somerville’s first opportunity to address the education community directly and will take place in our online arena.

21 July 2021

Professional Learning opportunities at Education Scotland

Education Scotland has ensured practitioners in Scotland continue to be able to access supportive and responsive learning during this education recovery year.

05 July 2021

Judy Murray teams up with Education Scotland to launch Tennis at Home resource

Judy Murray demonstrates and explains a range of fun progressive practices and games to encourage 'Tennis at home'.

05 July 2021

Registration is open for this year’s Scottish Learning Festival Online

Register for this year’s Scottish Learning Festival Online

24 June 2021

STEM professional learning gets £430,000 boost

Scottish Government funding is being provided to support the recommendations of Scotland’s STEM Education and Training Strategy.