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Ways of getting involved of getting involvedWays of getting involvedAn introduction to the various ways that you can get involved in helping out and sharing skills at your child's school., PZ Content Page
Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act Schools (Parental Involvement) ActScottish Schools (Parental Involvement) ActThe Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act aims to get parents more involved in their children's learning., PZ Content Page
Scottish Parent Teacher Council Parent Teacher CouncilScottish Parent Teacher CouncilSPTC provides help, support and advice to parents and carers who want to be involved in their child's education., PZ Content Page
National Parent Forum of Scotland Parent Forum of ScotlandNational Parent Forum of ScotlandThe National Parent Forum of Scotland (NPFS) was set up to give parents an opportunity to raise issues at a national level., PZ Content Page
The school parent forum school parent forumThe school parent forumIf your child attends a local authority school, you are automatically a member of the school's parent forum., PZ Content Page
Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme Vulnerable Groups SchemeProtecting Vulnerable Groups SchemeThe PVG Scheme replaced the Enhanced Disclosure Service for people who work with children and protected adults., PZ Content Page
Parent Councils CouncilsParent CouncilsParent Councils have an important role to play in ensuring that children's education is enriched by parents' valuable life experience, individual personal skills and unique knowledge of their own child., PZ Category Page GP0|#58345bcd-f967-4031-91f4-03ff3c286f06;L0|#058345bcd-f967-4031-91f4-03ff3c286f06|Parent Councils;GTSet|#e300bc71-6335-4618-a176-0c7f5eca6420;GPP|#7400ed68-b0a5-4a8c-afa1-9f6e3fabbcc4;GPP|#c2a018e8-f604-43eb-b15a-3940008d4730
Sharing ideas ideasSharing ideasExamples of how parents across Scotland are getting involved in their children's education., PZ Category Page GP0|#71850711-150c-4b5f-b045-a7d24af570b0;L0|#071850711-150c-4b5f-b045-a7d24af570b0|Sharing ideas;GTSet|#e300bc71-6335-4618-a176-0c7f5eca6420;GPP|#7400ed68-b0a5-4a8c-afa1-9f6e3fabbcc4;GPP|#c2a018e8-f604-43eb-b15a-3940008d4730

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