The school parent forum

​A school's parent forum automatically includes every parent/carer with a child enrolled at the school. Parent forums are a way for schools to encourage more parents to get involved in school life. They are informal groups where parents can raise issues, be consulted on school policy and give their views.

As a member, you have:

  • a right to advice and information about your child's education at the school
  • the opportunity to be more involved with what the school is doing
  • the opportunity, along with all the other parents, to have your views represented through a Parent Council at your school.

Parent forums and Parent Councils

In schools, parents and carers have set up a Parent Council to make their views known, and to work closely with the management team to support the improvement of the school.

As a member of the parent forum, you have an important role in working closely with the Parent Council by:

  • participating in deciding how the parent representative body, the Parent Council, is organised and how it operates
  • identifying issues you want the Parent Council to work on with the school
  • being asked your opinion by the Parent Council on issues relating to the school and the education it provides.

How can I get involved?

If you would like to know more about your school's parent forum please contact your child's school.

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