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06 December 2019

Deputy First Minister's Christmas Maths Challenge released

This year’s Deputy First Minister’s Christmas Maths Challenge is on the ParentClub website.

05 December 2019

NPFS launch new Empowering Parents and Carers nutshell

The National Parent Forum of Scotland (NPFS) is pleased to launch its new Empowering Parents and Carers nutshell, which highlights parents and carers as equal partners in the ‘empowered system’ of learning and education in Scotland.

29 October 2019

‘Change Starts With Us’ – anti-bullying campaign

The ‘Change Starts With Us’ campaign is about encouraging everyone to play their part in tackling bullying.

29 October 2019

Food and drink provision in your child’s school is changing

Scottish Government will work with local authority caterers to ensure that the food and drink in schools meet strict nutritional standards set out in the School Food and Drink Regulations.

29 October 2019

Consultation on disabled young people’s transition from school into adult life

Parents are invited to share their views to help improve the experiences and support given to disabled young people when transitioning from school into adult life.