Learning at home

A positive home learning environment makes a big difference to children's learning. Here you'll find guidance for parents and families to support learning at home in a number of areas including literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing. There's also information about learning through play and supporting study for exams and assessments.

Gaelic Medium Education: Activities to support fluency development

GME activities to help young people develop their fluency in Gaelic.

Supporting literacy at home

These resources provide fun ideas to encourage good literacy skills for different ages and stages.

Blended learning

Blended learning is an approach which includes learning in school and at home but it extends beyond online learning. 

Supporting language learning at home

Advice and resources in supporting language learning at home.

Supporting children with additional support needs

Find advice on how to support children with ASN at this time.

Supporting gender balance and equality

Ensuring all children have the same opportunities to develop skills and confidence regardless of gender.

Schemas: learning through play

This presentation about schematic play explores how schemas can play an important role in your child’s development.

Home learning environment

A positive home learning environment makes a big difference to children's learning.

Supporting health and wellbeing

Examples of activities which can support your child's learning about health and wellbeing.

Supporting numeracy at home

There are many ways that you can build learning activities into everyday routines to support your child’s numeracy skills.

Supporting religious and moral education

Simple ideas to help children: understand more about their own and others’ beliefs, values, practices and traditions; and reflect on and act upon their own developing beliefs and values.

Supporting science, technologies, engineering and mathematics (STEM) at home

This page provide ideas for supporting your child in different areas of STEM (science, technologies, engineering and maths).