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Learning through play through playLearning through playPlay is important for the early stages of brain development and playing with your child can help build relationships for later life. But no matter what age we are, play helps to develop important skills for learning, life and work., PZ Content Page
Supporting literacy at home literacy at homeSupporting literacy at homeThese resources provide fun ideas to encourage good reading habits at different ages and stages., PZ Content Page
Supporting science at home science at homeSupporting science at homeIdeas to help you support your child in different areas in sciences., PZ Content Page
Supporting study studySupporting studyIt is important that young people are supported at home and school to prepare them well for Unit Assessments, prelim exams and other internal assessments as well as external exams., PZ Content Page
Supporting numeracy at home numeracy at homeSupporting numeracy at homeThere are many ways that you can build learning activities into everyday routines to support your child’s numeracy skills., PZ Category Page GP0|#f5acf673-19c0-4365-aee5-1813c17966f2;L0|#0f5acf673-19c0-4365-aee5-1813c17966f2|Supporting numeracy;GTSet|#e300bc71-6335-4618-a176-0c7f5eca6420;GPP|#00493662-fef5-4c37-9ba8-1689083d9dc5;GPP|#c2a018e8-f604-43eb-b15a-3940008d4730
What can I do as a parent? can I do as a parent?What can I do as a parent?Parents, carers and families can make a positive difference to a child's learning. Your support can play a vital role at all stages of your child's education., PZ Category Page GP0|#3871dec1-50fc-44c7-8a21-42e50cff9053;L0|#03871dec1-50fc-44c7-8a21-42e50cff9053|What can I do as a parent?;GTSet|#e300bc71-6335-4618-a176-0c7f5eca6420;GPP|#00493662-fef5-4c37-9ba8-1689083d9dc5;GPP|#c2a018e8-f604-43eb-b15a-3940008d4730
Supporting health and wellbeing health and wellbeingSupporting health and wellbeingExamples of activities which can support your child's learning about health and wellbeing., PZ Category Page GP0|#ffffea18-a529-4753-bc49-2cd913e5b1a3;L0|#0ffffea18-a529-4753-bc49-2cd913e5b1a3|Supporting health and wellbeing;GTSet|#e300bc71-6335-4618-a176-0c7f5eca6420;GPP|#00493662-fef5-4c37-9ba8-1689083d9dc5;GPP|#c2a018e8-f604-43eb-b15a-3940008d4730
Supporting religious and moral education religious and moral educationSupporting religious and moral educationSimple ideas to help children: understand more about their own and others’ beliefs, values, practices and traditions; and reflect on and act upon their own developing beliefs and values., PZ Category Page GP0|#76ef19b3-5786-4e3c-9e0f-1ab83831e7b4;L0|#076ef19b3-5786-4e3c-9e0f-1ab83831e7b4|Supporting religious and moral education;GTSet|#e300bc71-6335-4618-a176-0c7f5eca6420;GPP|#00493662-fef5-4c37-9ba8-1689083d9dc5;GPP|#c2a018e8-f604-43eb-b15a-3940008d4730

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