Supporting literacy at home

​​Literacy is about learning to read and write accurately, being able to listen carefully and talk clearly about ideas.
There are many opportunities in everyday routines to practise and apply literacy skills in real and meaningful ways e.g. reading to your child every day, learning nursery rhymes together and pointing out signs in the local community.

You can also encourage your child to talk about their thoughts and ideas, and about how they are feeling.

These leaflets provide fun ideas to encourage good reading habits at different ages and stages.

PDF file: Reading tips - early years (134 KB)

PDF file: Reading tips - primary (134 KB)

PDF file: Reading tips - secondary (126 KB)

Videos on supporting reading

Advice and strategies for supporting reading at home.

Video 1 - Early years

Librarians Paul Kane, Colm Linnane and Helen McInnes, along with author Lari Don, discuss the benefits of reading with your child from an early age.


 Find out about the Scottish Book Trust's Bookbug initiative and browse a reading list for children aged 0-2.

Video 2 - Primary - Age 6 to 7

Librarians Paul Kane, Helen McInnes and Colm Lianne along with author Lari Don share tips and advice for reading with children aged six and seven.


Find more ideas in this reading list from the Scottish Book Trust.

Video 3 - Primary - Age 8 to 9

Librarians Paul Kane and Yvonne Manning, along with John Rice of the National Parents Forum, talk about ways of encouraging children aged eight and nine to read.

Video 4 - Primary - Age 10 to 11 

Librarian Paul Kane and secondary English teacher Michael Stevenson share strategies for encouraging young people aged 10 to 11 to read for enjoyment.


Find more ideas in this reading list from the Scottish Book Trust.

Video 5 - Secondary - Age 12 to 16

Ideas for encouraging teenagers to read for pleasure are shared by librarian Paul Kane, book seller Eve Harvey, Edinburgh reading champion Niall Walker, and secondary English teacher Gordon Fisher.


Further information and resources

  • Every Day's a Learning Day - This e-book helps parents of children aged 0-6 years to support their child's development in health and wellbeing, literacy and numeracy. Download the documents f​rom our Supporting numeracy page.

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