Curriculum in Scotland

This section provides a simple introduction to Scotland's Curriculum for Excellence, including information on the Broad General Education and the Senior Phase. You can also find out about approaches to assessment, post-16 opportunities, and programmes such as the Scottish Attainment Challenge and Developing the Young Workforce.

Young Leaders of Learning Programme - Information for Parents and Carers

This programme was developed by Education Scotland to give children and young people an increasing say in their education and their schools.

An empowered system

Education Scotland is working to build an empowered, connected, self-improving education system. This will help achieve excellence and equity for all children and young people as set out in the National Improvement Framework​.​

Assessment in the Senior Phase

Changes in assessment for pupils as they progress from S4 - S6.

Developing the Young Workforce

Information about the scheme to support skills development and helping young people aged 3-18 prepare for the world of work.

National Improvement Framework Evidence Report

Information in the National Improvement Framework (NIF) Evidence Report will help teachers, local authorities, and the Scottish Government learn from good practice, and develop plans where further improvements are needed.

Curriculum areas

There are eight curriculum areas, containing a range of subjects. Find information on what your child will learn in each curriculum area and what skills they should develop

About the 3-18 curriculum

A simple introduction to Curriculum for Excellence, with links to further information.

Curriculum levels

Brief guide to the five curriculum levels which range from the early level of the broad general education to the senior phase.

Learning in the early years

Information for parents and carers about frameworks and guidance which underpin children's early education. From age three, your child is likely to be working at the early level of Curriculum for Excellence.

Broad general education

An introduction to the broad general education - this stage starts in the first years of a child's education and continues until S3 in secondary school.

Senior phase

The senior phase of the curriculum covers the later years in secondary education from S4-S6 (from around ages 15-18).

Post-16 opportunities

Find out about the different opportunities available to your child as they prepare to leave school.