What we do

Education Scotland is committed to supporting educators and learners. We provide targeted support to schools with the greatest need as part of the Scottish Government’s refreshed The Scottish Attainment Challenge programme, and we work directly with local authorities to provide bespoke support.

We are working closely with stakeholders to implement the curriculum recommendations of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and are helping to develop curriculum design capacity in each Regional Improvement Collaborative (RIC). We have also committed to carrying out a national thematic inspection focusing on curriculum.

Advice and support to government

Education Scotland will provide advice to the Scottish Government on a wide range of education matters.

Supporting Regional Improvement

Find out more about the Regional Improvement Directorate and collaboratives.

Food for Thought Education Fund 2024 - 2025

Learn about the Food for thought fund, who can apply and how we support food and health as a context for learning.

Promoting digital learning and teaching

Learn more about Glow, Digilearn and the National e-learning offer.

Professional learning and leadership

Find out about how we support education professionals, our leadership programmes and the national model of professional learning.

Ensuring the impact of Scotland’s Curriculum

Explore how we are supporting the continuing implementation and development of Scotland’s Curriculum.

Delivering the Scottish Attainment Challenge

Find out about the Scottish Attainment Challenge, why it matters, and what funding and support is available for schools and local authorities.

Developing creativity, employability and skills

Learn more about the work Education Scotland do to help deliver the Developing the Young Workforce programme.

Embedding inclusion, wellbeing and equality

Learn more about the legislative framework and key policy drivers for inclusion, wellbeing and equality.

Implementing the National Improvement Framework (NIF)

Find out more about achieving excellence and equity for learners and the priorities and drivers for improvement.

Supporting Community Learning and Development

Find out more about regional improvement teams, lifelong learning, and improving outcomes for all learners.