Last Updated: Thursday, June 09, 2022

Benchmarks for Physical Education

What is this?

​This resource exemplifies what a learner should 'know' and be able to 'do' at each level through the significant aspects of learning (SAoL) in core physical education.

The progression framework is set out in two formats: a single level version with a narrative of what physical education looks like at that level; and, an early – fourth level 'look across' format which allows practitioners to plan forward and track back.

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The Benchmarks set out clear statements about what learners need to know and be able to do to achieve a level in Physical Education. They streamline and embed a wide range of existing assessment guidance, including the significant aspects of learning and progression frameworks, providing a single key resource to support teachers’ professional judgement. The Benchmarks should be used to help monitor progress towards achievement of a level and to support professional dialogue and judgement of when a learner has achieved a level.

It is not necessary for learners to demonstrate evidence of every aspect of learning within the Benchmarks before moving on to the next level. However, it is important that this is interpreted in ways which ensure no major gaps in children's and young people's learning.

This resource is comprises a number of documents:

Professional learning paper:
Assessing progress and achievement in Health and Wellbeing – Physical Education

The purpose of this document is to support professional learning and reflection on assessing progress and achievement in Health and Wellbeing – Physical Education by providing:

  • an outline of what breadth, challenge and application look like within Physical Education
  • information on planning for progression through curriculum levels, using breadth, challenge and application.

This resource supplements the Principles and Practice paper and the Experiences and Outcomes in Health and Wellbeing – Physical Education.

Also see:

  • A glossary of terms which defines specialist physical education terminology found in the progression frameworks
  • Single level benchmarks from Early to Fourth Level. This contains a narrative describing the skills, knowledge, capabilities and attributes that children and young people learn at that level.