Last Updated: Friday, June 25, 2021

‘Bullying- It’s Never Acceptable’

What is this?

A online professional learning resource by respectme, Scotland’s anti-bullying service. Four modules supporting practitioners to recognise, respond and prevent bullying behaviour. An online alternative to respectme’s previous in-person training programme ‘Bullying…It’s Never Acceptable’.

Who is this for?

Practitioners working with children and young people.

Senior leaders.

Professional learning resource from respectme adopts the Scottish Government’s anti-bullying guidance, Respect for All, to define bullying and introduce practical strategies to address bullying behaviour when it occurs.

The four online modules consist of:

Module 1: Why address bullying?
(approx. 28 minutes in length)

Module 2: Defining and recognising bullying behaviour
(approx. 23 minutes in length)

Module 3: Preventing bullying: policy and practice
(approx. 18 minutes in length)

Module 4: Responding to bullying
(approx. 25 minutes in length)

As you make your way through the individual modules, please remember to complete all four evaluation surveys: each one will take under a minute and will provide respectme with vital feedback regarding the relevance, effectiveness and quality of the information provided.

Improvement questions

  • In what way can my current practice be developed to become more effective in preventing and respond to bullying incidents?

  • Are there ways my establishments anti bullying policy and strategies can be enhanced?