Last Updated: Wednesday, February 17, 2021

CfE Briefing 15: Sciences for all

Tags: Sciences

What is this?

​This briefing explores the pivotal role sciences education has in equipping learners with the skills they need to succeed and flourish in this new world of scientific opportunity, and to further enhance Scotland’s reputation as a global science leader.

Who is this for?

​The briefing provides advice for practitioners. It can also be used to inform partners, learners and their parents and carers on developments in Curriculum for Excellence.


PDF file: CfE Briefing 15 – Sciences for all (993 KB)

Whilst the briefing focuses on the sciences, many of the themes addressed apply equally to technologies, engineering and mathematics.

The briefing has sections on:

  • Why are the sciences so important in Curriculum for Excellence (CfE)?
  • Where can learning in the sciences lead?
  • So how are we doing?
  • What do we need to do now to realise the potential of CfE?​