Last Updated: Wednesday, December 07, 2022

Community Resilience and Curriculum for Excellence

What is this?

This resource explores community resilience and how it supports other activities linked to developing the young workforce, learning for sustainability, UN sustainable development goals and children’s rights.

Who is this for?

This resource is for all practitioners, especially primary and secondary.

Due to Scotland’s changing climate, communities across Scotland are becoming increasingly affected by extreme weather events and flooding. When emergencies strike, a host of highly trained individuals work around the clock to prepare and protect our communities.

However, they will not always be able to help everyone immediately. You may find yourself having to cope alone with your family and neighbours for some time. Community resilience is about communities and individuals using their collective resources and skills to help themselves prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies.

Explore this resource

This briefing guide raises awareness of community resilience as an exciting context for learning within Curriculum for Excellence. Questions to consider:

  • How can community resilience be used as a context within the curriculum to make learning relevant and engaging for learners?
  • How can community resilience support interdisciplinary learning and learning for sustainability?
  • What opportunities exist to include community resilience themes in your STEM, Eco-Schools, children’s rights or developing the young workforce activities?
  • What support, opportunities and community partners are available locally to support learning about community resilience?

Additional information

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Download PDF documents in English and Gaelic to find out more about community resilience as an exciting context for learning within Curriculum for Excellence and how it supports other activity linked to Developing the Young Workforce, Learning for Sustainability, UN Sustainable Development Goals and children’s rights.

PDF file: Community resilience and Curriculum for Excellence: Flyer (2 MB)

PDF file: Community resilience and Curriculum for Excellence: Overview leaflet (Gaelic) (2MB)

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