Last Updated: Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Learning and Teaching Online

What is this?

This document provides guidance, advice and considerations for all practitioners who are engaging in the delivery of teaching and learning online.

Who is this for?

All practitioners, all sectors, all levels.

This document considers both synchronous and asynchronous delivery models of learning.  This provides advice for practitioners on how to best support learners and families to engage in learning when it is most appropriate for them and their family/home circumstances. For example, one device in a house where there is more than one child who requires access to learning, or where parents/carers have to use the device for work purposes.

We have set out a number of areas you will need to consider as part of planning for remote learning and teaching, including:

  • What parts of the curriculum are more suited to online delivery?
  • What activities / content are better rescheduled?
  • What resources do you already have that are more suited to remote delivery? Are these resources in a format which is accessible to all?
  • Do you and your learners know how to use additional accessibility features?
  • Do you and your learners know how to use online tools to collaborate?
  • How will you plan and organise remote learning?
  • How will you check for understanding of new content?
  • How are you collaborating with your peers?
  • What do you need to think about when using or creating video?

Improvement questions

  1. How will your curriculum offer change to suit online delivery?
  2. What additional support / professional learning do you need to support online delivery?
  3. How are you working with your peers to source and develop materials to support online delivery?


PDF file: Learning and Teaching Online (711 KB)